Welcome to Bridge Trainer

This site is designed to help beginners learn the basic aspects of Bidding in ACOL Bridge

The easiest way to learn something is through repetition. The problem with learning Bridge is that may take 10 minutes to play a single hand which means you only have one go at getting it right.

So what if you could practice the key elements again and again, without having to shuffle and deal cards yourself or annoy more experienced players who just want to play?

Well, welcome to Bridgetrainer, where you can learn the basics of bidding and responding through rapid repetition, which will put you in a position where you can start playing for real with a level of confidence and competence.

We have a selection of lessons designed for the complete novice or if you want to dive straight into the practice areas then go ahead using the menu above!



What can you learn

Bridge is a fun game and one that improves your mind and reasoning skills. Learning all the different aspects can be a little overwhelming, so this site is designed to take each part of the learning process and give beginners an opportunity to practise, using repetition. Some of the skills they can learn are:

  • Identifying the shape of the hand
  • Calculating the points in a hand
  • Based on shape and point, opening the bid
  • Responding to your partners opening bid